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The Plug: .Aaron_ of Babylon Cartel

.Aaron_ knew from the beginning that a small T-shirt brand originating in Philadelphia in 2007 by college friends would explode and become a clothing line unlike any other. His insistence on changing mediocrity; mediocre thinking and taste levels, which he believes is holding current designers back, is the reason his brand has surpassed many others in a saturated fashion market. The brand now known as Babylon Cartel first started gaining momentum after throwing parties and events that soon caught the attention of companies like Live Nation and RedBull, who recognized that this cool brand dominated the Hip-Hop millennial demographic in Philly, Jersey and DC. Thus, a dynamic marketing partnership was born.

Live Nation and RedBull enlisted Babylon Cartel to promote their Hip-Hop shows, showcasing headliners like ASAP Rocky and Kendrick Lamar, which ushered the then T-shirt brand into music culture. Popularity of the internet was rapidly growing so the time was ripe to catapult Babylon Cartel, now run by .Aaron_ and Gianni Lee, into larger markets. .Aaron_ and Lee decided to move to Los Angeles to tackle the world of cut and sew, ready-to-wear and contemporary clothing. As social media and the internet grew in popularity, Babylon Cartel made waves when fashion icon, Rihanna, wore one of their custom jackets 6 or 7 times and the image circulated all over social media. As the internet continues to become more saturated with fashion brands, Babylon Cartel remains relevant by staying true to individual emotions and designing from creative expression. Both .Aaron_ and Gianni grew up with mothers and grandmothers who instilled in them creative expression as a way of life. 


After moving to Los Angeles, .Aaron_ took up photography as a means to better creative direct projects and to have greater knowledge of the industry in order to fully articulate his artistic visions. His photography skills would later come to light when he styled and photographed a Nike Campaign for the Rams and Chargers NFL teams, when the Chargers first relocated back to Los Angeles. Since then, the ball has kept rolling for Nike and .Aaron_’s partnership in the form of freelance modeling, photography and designing. 

Most creatives can relate to .Aaron_ as a self-identifying Black Sheep. He insists that he has always marched to the beat of his own drum, which is personified by his eclectic way of dressing, choice of music and personal aesthetic. It was a sweet moment for him to feel accepted by his counterparts in Philadelphia once they saw his brand exponentially growing and worn by the likes of Young Thug and Kelly Rowland. 

The future of Babylon Cartel includes turning the clothing line into more of an art project, or a creative agency, rather. .Aaron_ describes Babylon Cartel as a flag posted on the moon, but now it’s time for the brand to discover uncharted territory on planet Mars. Through community involvement and designing for other brands, .Aaron_ hopes to create an agency that operates to “service people and give them something more abstract to think about and feel, rather than only wearing something that looks “tight.””