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SAMOHT is the New Sound of R&B

Samoht shot by Juan Veloz styled by Jordan Boothe

The Brooklyn Music Sensation’s Unique Sound & Style is Changing R&B for the Better.

Your sound is so unique, different, and warm – what influences your music?

I listen to nature sounds a lot. When I’m in nature I hear melodies and 808’s. Photos
influence my music as well. I can look at a photo and hear an entire song coming from

There’s a strong sense of nostalgia in your voice, even in the way you speak. In what
ways does your southern upbringing play a role in your artistry?

I had a simple and strong upbringing. My great-grandfather bought a house that my
family still lives in to this day. That transfers into my music in the sense of how simple
but strong the sound choices are. The vocal melodies, the synth and the 808’s are all
strategically placed to support the art of the song.

I know you’ve experimented with a few different forms of artistic expression
throughout the years, from acting to clothing design. Can you think of anything you
haven’t tried that you’d like to try as far as art is concerned?

I want to grow a garden. I want it to be an outside art gallery where I throw parties and
private performances. I want to be able to go in my backyard and get fruit and
vegetables instead of having to go to the grocery store. More importantly I feel like
growing a garden would bring me closer to God and earth.

Your personal style is so dynamic. Like a modern tribute to our culture yet also a nod to
the future. How would you describe what or who has been your largest style influence?

I would say my style is young cool church deacon meets cowboy meets ghetto goon
from the south. Growing up in North Carolina, my grandparents were always fly for no
reason. I adapted that quality from them. My grandfather would put on a dress shirt and
a pair of slacks just to take out the trash.

Recently you got to experience a performer’s dream – performing on the legendary
Apollo stage. How was that experience for you?

It was magic! They usually don’t allow performers to sing original music but they really
liked my song Yonder and let me rock. It was an honor to grace the Apollo stage.

As more eyes begin to focus on you and the attention of the public grows, what’s one
thing that you carry with you in order to remain grounded, inspired, and humble?

I carry understanding with me. I understand that I am a willing vessel. I understand that
many of my ancestors struggled so that I could be here. I understand that I answered when God called me. These things humble me daily.