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Miles Chamley-Watson walked into the studio raving about his recent travels to Thailand, describing the trip as one of the best travel adventures of his life.

On August 9, 2013, Miles Chamley-Watson secured himself as a legend of American Fencing when he became the first Senior Men’s Individual World Champion for the United States. After winning, he created the mantra:


Every image was shot on film, which left the final products a surprise until the images were developed weeks later.

During the styling process, Miles played an integral role in deciding each look. He was daring and exuberant about taking styling risks and making the October issue of The Press unlike anything else on the market. The Moncler, White and Black suit was his first choice for the cover image.

He insists that one of the best feelings in the world is overcoming your fears. Embrace fear and always go big. He says, “Everyone is afraid of something… There’s nothing I wouldn’t try at least once.”

Chamley-Watson rocked out to Travis Scott’s latest album while on set and had an infectious, positive energy that had the whole squad hype.