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Ghanaian Artist Serge Attukwei Clottey Pioneers “Afrogallonism” 

By The Press

Based in Accra, Clottey is best known for working with yellow plastic containers, which are a powerful symbol in his native Ghana. Through this material, he explores issues of the environment, consumerism within the African landscape and relationships with the Western world.

The plastic containers were originally filled with oil and sold to Ghana from the West. Clottey’s practice involves cutting, melting and stitching the versatile plastic material, and then returning the work to the West as an artwork. He calls this technique “Afrogallonism.” His performance installations are intended to highlight Ghana’s soaring levels of pollution and to draw attention to social injustice.

In the La district of Accra in Ghana, you will find a road carpeted with giant yellow plastic tapestries that resemble the fictional “yellow brick road” of The Wizard of Oz. Clottey described the installation’s motivation to the BBC as “a rebellion against the country’s property rights,” referencing the fact that many poor communities cannot prove land ownership due to a lack of proper documentation.

An inspiration to his community in Ghana, Serge Attukwei Clottey presented a solo booth with Gallery 1957, Accra, at last year’s UNTITLED in Miami Beach (Dec. 5-9, 2018).